Chesterfield Quarterback League

CQL Player of the Week Fall 2023

CQL Player of the Week

CQL Player of the Week


Each week CQL will award a player at each level with Player of the Week awards for the entire CQL.

Awards will be given at 7U Flag, 9U Minors , 11U Juniors and 13U Seniors.

1 winner from each age division 

4 total winners from every Saturday!

• Each voting representative is permitted to nominate one player each week for outstanding performance and/or sportsmanship.
• A player is only eligible to win one award per season.
• A team is ineligible if there are any coach, player, and/or parent ejections for their team in that game.
• Nominations should be submitted by 9am on the following THURSDAY using this entry form. (some Wed night games)

We will announce all PLAYERS of the Week on Fridays!

• Winners will be chosen each week by the CQL EXECUTIVE BOARD.
• CQL will have an emphasis on sportsmanship.
• Winners will receive 2 Commanders Tickets this year and will be announced on the CQL website and CQL social media platforms
• A player is only eligible to one award per season.
• IMPORTANT: This is for the kids, so don’t ruin it by complaining that you think another child should have won instead of the winner.



Please direct questions to:

Richard Duncan

Deputy Commissioner

Phone: 8043636180